Top of Utah Marathon

By Jennifer on Sep 17, 2012
 Cookie Athlete finishes marathon

A Cookie Athlete finishes the marathon and enjoys a cookie.

A couple of us from Cookie Athlete spent the weekend passing out cookies to real cookie athletes at the Top of Utah Marathon. I had a lot of expectations, but I was not ready for the emotional experience of watching 2000 runners cross the finish line to achieve a major goal.

You must know I don't cry over happy stuff, including the birth of my children, weddings, cute puppies, or chick flicks–but I got a tad bit misty at the site of these runners finishing the big race. A few highlights include:

- Runners who grabbed their young children and crossed the finish line hand in hand.

- Those runners who would round the corner and then kick it up a notch, and almost sprint across the line in perfect form.

- One tired runner who heard the cheers and the cowbells instantly perked up, smiled, and raised his arms as he headed to the line.

- Every couple who collapsed into each others' arms in wordless celebration.

I took in all of the hugs and tears and battle stories floating around the park.
And I especially enjoyed watching the runners’ delight at seeing trays piled high with cookies–real cookies.

Over The Top Cookies donated 2000 cookies for the event. I called and asked Rachel, the owner, for a promo deal and she simply and graciously said, she is a runner, she loves the TOU Marathon, and “I’d like to donate the cookies for free.” She also said, “If I knew someone was standing at the finish line with cookies, I’d run faster.”

The cookies were a huge hit. As Rachel says, “A cookie with nothing on top is a naked cookie.” So each cookie was topped with candy bars, nuts, coconut, glaze, or chocolate drizzle. When people would ask if these were some sort of special cookie we’d say, “Yep, they are made with real butter, real sugar, and real ingredients by a real marathon runner.”

If you want to know what 2000 Over the Top Cookies looks like…here is a picture of the cookies boxed and ready to go.

over the top cookies

2000 cookies donated by Over the Top Cookies

If you want to know what seeing 2000 people accomplish personal goals looks like…it's hard to explain, but here are some pictures.

running hand in hand

Running hand in hand with her little one.

TOU finish line

The thrill of the finish line at TOU

running arm in arm

Crossing the finish line together.

Athlete recovery

Chilling in the recovery area

marathon runner

Thumbs up for cookies and marathons

The air was filled with positive energy. Runners commented that they felt a huge sense of family. The place was stripped of attitude. In fact, even the first few guys finished took time to chit chat over cookies.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, so much so that Colette was able to convince me to “run” ( I ain’t promising not to walk the whole thing.) the Top of Utah Marathon next year. About 12 years ago I took marathon off my list of things I want to accomplish, but it's officially back on.

So if you're on the fence (or even if you’re no where near the fence) and wondering about competing in a marathon, join us. We are officially setting The Top of Utah Marathon as a goal for September 2013.

Let's hope someone is standing at the finish line with some Over The Top Cookies. I like the orange zest cookies best.

Eating Marathon Cookies

Good times with Cookie Athletes

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If you’re simply interested in more cookies, check out the Cookie-of-the-Month Club. Each batch of cookies comes with a corresponding workout, and the whole shebang ships for free, right to your door.


    Sally Maynard says:

    I’d love to win the Clip-it. Fun article too.

    Todd Hugie says:

    As the Assistant Race Director for the 2012 Top of Utah Marathon and the Race Director for the upcoming 2013 Top of Utah Marathon, our organization was very impressed and pleased to have Cookie Athlete attended our vendor expo where they had a booth and they setup a booth at the finish line. They added much to the festivities that were going on during the two day period the marathon was held. They donated over 2000 gourmet cookies to our runners and spectators. Runners had many good comments about Cookie Athlete and they were our most popular vendor.

    I ate a number of their cookies and I can tell you that they are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. They were full of chocolate, candy and other things and the cookies were very tasty. They sent me a gift basket after the marathon. It was a gift basket you would receive if you were a member of the Cookie Athlete club. It was a basket of great looking cookies wrapped in plastic wrap. The whole experience of getting the cookies in the mail and the way they were presented and tasted was high quality. I can wholly recommend Cookie Athlete and will let you know that you will enjoy membership extremely well. Todd Hugie, Race Director of the Top of Utah Marathon